CHF is a lender, advocate and educator, working to ensure that everyone in Washington County has a place to call home.

As a nonprofit revolving loan fund and a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), CHF provides predevelopment, land acquisition, bridge and other loan products for equitable and affordable housing and related facilities—typically at the earliest, riskiest stages of development.

Where We Work/Land Acknowledgement

CHF focuses its work in Washington County, Oregon. Our service area has been home to the Atfalati, Tualatin, Kalapuya, Clatskanie, Chinook, and other Indigenous Tribes and Bands since time immemorial. We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples in our shared region have been forcibly or coercively removed by governments, communities, and racist policies and practices. We seek to understand and honor their legacy, lives, and descendants.
At CHF we are most “at home” working with partners during a project’s early stages—when borrowers first kick the dirt, commission reports, develop proformas, and envision a future not yet visible. At this early stage of development, when feasibility analysis is just beginning, few other financial partners are available.
Technical Assistance
We provide support to borrowers, local jurisdictions, community members and groups who are interested in promoting equitable and affordable housing. This may be provided one-on-one, through small group trainings and focus groups, or as part of technical advisory committees.
Policy Support and Education
When local jurisdictions and organizations are discussing housing strategies, CHF is often there. In addition, we provide comments, testimony, and stakeholder feedback regularly as housing programs and policies are considered or reconsidered.

What We Don’t Do

Unfortunately, we do not have assistance for individuals who are trying to locate or pay for affordable housing. We can make referrals to organizations that may be able to provide support, though we know needs far exceed currently available resources.

To learn more check out our housing resources pages: