Our Mission

The Community Housing Fund (CHF) secures new sources of loan capital to seed more equitable housing outcomes in Washington County. CHF helps partners create the variety of housing types, tenures, and affordability levels required to serve one of the state’s most diverse counties.

Vision, Values, and Goals

At CHF, we seek to preserve and expand housing that builds and restores equity within our community by providing capital to partners who understand that healthy, safe and affordable housing requires deliberate consideration of historic inequity, and careful planning to tip the scale in the future to a more equal economic playing field.


At CHF we work with partners to prevent displacement by facilitating financing for projects that allow anyone who wants to live in the community to do so. Economic progress happens unevenly, and we look to partners with a vision that recognizes the cultural value of the existing neighborhood fabric and our obligation to protect vulnerable members of our community.


At CHF, we contribute to the development of healthy and safe communities by facilitating affordable housing that restores and enhances equity by providing access to cultural amenities and day-to-day necessities. A thriving community is made up of thriving community members. Our role in the community is to always use our commitment to equity when considering where we allocate resources.


At CHF, we are committed to identifying where disparities exist and to disrupting the racism that allows them to continue. We acknowledge that policies in the U.S., Oregon, and Washington County have segregated, excluded, silenced or exploited too many, particularly those in BIPOC communities. We understand we must commit to an ongoing process—to evaluate and confront racism where it persists in our organization, in our housing markets, and in our community.