CHF’s Equity Filter is applied to each new loan request, and where appropriate additional steps or actions may be requested as a condition of our lending.

We ask ourselves and our borrowers these questions so that we can learn from each other and create more equitable housing outcomes

  • How is the organization as a whole demonstrating its commitment to equity generally, and to equitable housing specifically?
  • How does the organization communicate and make decisions around equity; what are the demographics of its staff and board; how are stakeholders reflected in activities, governance, and operations?
  • How does the organization conduct its outreach and engagement to ensure consideration of multiple perspectives?
  • How does the organization design service delivery and partnerships to address culturally specific needs?
  • What are the potential unintended outcomes of the project; how are they being addressed?
  • Are there barriers to more equitable outcomes that can be addressed in the design process? In the construction process? (Equitable team models/training, targeted population feedback, MWESB participation goals, workforce training and support)
  • Are there barriers to more equitable outcomes that can be addressed in marketing and lease-up (how is target population determined, what adjustments to past practices have been made, do recent lease-up results reflect greater diversity, do project partners reflect the community served and are they compensated fairly)?